League Rules 2015/16

1. All games must commence at 9:30pm sharp, match board should be open at 9.00pm.It is the responsibility of the home team to arrange the start of each match, if the match has to be stopped due to lateness the home team forfeits all remaining games.

2. Home team away first, thereafter it alternates between teams.Throwing distance is seven foot nine and a quarter inches, throw must have a raised oche.

3. Start with three doubles matches all best of three games.All three games must be played with a point for each game won, total 9 points available.This is followed by six singles matches all first to two.Each singles match is worth one point with six points total available.

4. Late start is penalised as follows : 20mins 1 Point, 30mins 2 Points, 45mins Game cancelled.If the game is cancelled it will go to the committee to make a decision.

5. For every game, a marker and caller from both teams are to be provided.

6. Maximum number of players per team is 10.Any team found playing more than 10 or playing an unregistered player will be automatically disqualified.

7. Two Scorecards must be filled in on the night and signed by both captains, once card for the home team and one card for the visiting team.Scorecards to be supplied by the home team.Results must also be Text to the secretary by both captains by 6pm on the day following matches, find the secretary’s number at the foot of this page.

8. In the event of any dispute, complaints to be made to the committee in writing.The committee has the power to suspend teams or individual players.The committees decision is final.

9. In the event of a team needing to cancel a fixture the latest notice for cancellation is 6pm on the Wednesday night.The rescheduled game must be played before the following Thursday night, on a night chosen by the opposing team.Remember cancelled fixtures can be played before the match night.The secretary must also be notified.

10. In the event of a draw after the second leg at the knockout stage a playoff best of three singles will determine the winner, a coin toss will decide which team throws first.

11. Only teams within a 15 Mile radius of Nenagh will be considered eligible for the league, at the discretion of the committee.

12. Dart boards are required to be staple free and in good condition.This year the committee will again supply each team in the league with a board free of charge.

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